Benefits of Biometric Security

A growing number of businesses are adopting biometric technology in the workplace.

Whether it is to accurately monitor the attendance records of employees, or to ensure that only authorised staff members get access to the building, biometric security can add that extra layer of security and protection.

But what are the other benefits of biometric security systems? We discuss these below.

Increases productivity

Biometric security automates time and attendance records and thus saves time for employees, and decreases overheads. 

Prevents fraud

One of the major benefits of investing in this type of system is that it can help to decrease fraud by ensuring that only permitted staff members are able to clock in, using details that cannot be replicated.

Biometric security provides a concrete audit trail and accurate tracking of every employee and does not have the same loopholes that CCTV cameras, PIN or keypad systems has.

When you consider that businesses lose thousands of pounds each and every year due to employee fraud, it is well worth investing in a system which could prevent the loss of significant amounts of money.

Increases efficiency

Biometric time and attendance eliminates the need to negotiate your way around paper timesheets, and inefficient clocking systems.

Over time, this will help to save you time and resources.

Simplifies scheduling

At SmartOffice, our biometric systems can be tailored to include information about production cycles, working patterns, flexi-time, shift work and holidays, allowing you to plan your schedules according to requirements.