Employee Care via Time & Attendance

Time is money. This is a famous proverb which must have been seen or heard by everyone. But, for any organization time is an important component which can be used to measure employee productivity as well as employee satisfaction. With dedicated human resources management system coming in place, time & attendance feature is a tool which needs to be used decisively.

  • Average In & Out time for employees: this will help company reset the time of start and end of shifts or day’s work as per employee satisfaction which will results in increased productivity.
  • Automated Attendance enables an organization to automatically know if any employee has not reached office within stipulated time. So that they can immediately contact the employee to know his whereabout & well being and provide assistance if required.

At the same time, such an efficient attendance tracking mechanism enables you to recognize & award employees who have high punctuality and provide right feedback / warning to erring employees.